Sunday, August 24, 2008

Naked Camping

So for a weekend my friends Nat, Cas, Nana, my gf and I decided to go on a hiking/camping trip. Little did I know however I was in for a surprise.

When we got to the trail head Friday night it was pretty dark out, but we planned that. We parked where we thought was allowed. Since their were no other cars there we didn’t really have a clue to where we should of, lol. But we did that and as everyone unloaded the gear I ran off to some bushes to pee. Getting back from watering the trees I saw them all grinning from ear to ear. Curious to what was so funny, I asked them. They simply told me they were cracking some jokes at Nana’s expense. So I really didn’t think much of it. Anyway so we all put on our packs and headed out into the night. The sky was nice and clear with a bright moon, so we really didn’t need our lights for the night hike. At about an hour or 2 into the hike we finally made it to our first camping destination. A nice small little clearing where you could see the stars. We set up camp there which mainly consisted of throwing down some, tarp’s, pad’s and our sleeping bags. My gf and I sharing all 3 a little ways away from the others, and we all went to sleep.

Next morning I woke to everyone already awake cooking breakfast, which consisted of opening up the pop-tarts. As I woke up and got dressed, my gf walked over to me and whispered in my ear asking me if I wanted to go sneak off for a “dip” in the stream a little ways away. The morning air was already quite cool, and the thought of stripping naked in the woods and dipping in that icy water privately with my gf sounded exhilarating, and a great way to start the day. So with a wide smile I agreed and we rushed off giggling telling the group we’d be back in a few. We got to the stream and I immediately threw off my clothes wading through the calf deep water, enjoying it’s icy touch. Turning around in the water enjoying the cool air I told my gf to hurry up and strip down and join me. At first she acted like she was going to pretending to about to take off her shirt, when she gave a devilish smile and ran off with my clothes. I rolled my eyes and walked out of the stream and put on my shoes to walk back to camp, knowing I was probably gonna have an annoying game of keep away or of “find the clothes”. As I tiredly drudged into camp, I could see them all grinning and laughing. Rolling my eyes again I went over to the fire they had started to kind of play along with their little game and to warm up before I went over to my bag to grab some other clothes. As I crouched by the small fire to help warm up the rest of me beyond my legs, Nat came over with a stick and nudged some of the wood on top of the fire, and too my shock my clothes were underneath them. Completely speechless at this point I just went over to my bag to change into some non-burnt clothes, but I couldn’t find in my bag. Looking back at them I couldn’t believe they did that, so I went over to my gf’s bag to steal some clothes, but...nothing.
She had no clothes in her bag. So I went over to Nat’s, again nothing. I was starting to get the picture as I heard them all giggling as I rummaged through their bags not finding anything.
At this point I was kind of getting kind of pouty too, which is really un-like me, but I suppose it was early, it was a bit of a shock and I was also denied a fun skinny dip my gf promised me earlier. So I was probably in my right for my little mood swing though it didn’t last long as my gf came over to me as I was putting away my sleeping bag and pecked me on the cheek to cheer me up. Once I was done packing I went over to everyone and grabbed my share of the food (yummy strawberry poptarts), few of them hugged me in forgiveness, which was kind on their part regardless that they were still giggling about it.
Anyway we finished eating and headed out after applying a massive amount of suntan to myself. The first bit of the hike was a bit nerve racking I must say. Regardless of the fact that we were backpacking in the middle of the wilderness, and odds of running into people is small, the fact that we were hiking on a marked trail is what made me nervous. So resorting to my shy ways, I nestled myself safely in the middle of the group as we hiked, though as the day progressed I found myself able to relax more as I felt the warm sun touch my skin, and as I relaxed I tried to egg on the rest of my friends to join me in my nude exploits, but none would budge thinking it was just a ploy so I could get my hands on there clothes.
With my attempts to get them naked thwarted we all decided to stop for lunch right beside the trail. Lunch was more or less quite except for Cas telling me I should lead the group now since I looked so “comfortable” hiking now. Though not too keen on the idea, but I figured if they were gonna try and torture me I might as well try and have some fun to spite them. So I agreed to take up the front and lead the group. Though about right at that moment as I agreed and was putting some of the lunch stuffs away I began to have seconds thoughts as I heard voices behind me.
Freaking out I went completely wide eyed, but before I could get up and hide they were already around the corner and to the utter surprise to me and the group, they were two heavy set gentlemen hiking completely nude. They walked by smiled and waved to the group and were gonna continue on but Nana started talking to them. I kind of just stood there stunned, but the whole time they were talking to Nana, they didn’t really look over to me much more than they would look over to everyone else.
Soon it wasn’t long before the two hikers were back on there way, and Nana came back over to us and told us what they were talking about. She had found out they hadn’t seen any other hikers since they started their hike yesterday, and that their was a pretty neat waterfall not much farther than what we planned on the hike. Over the stun of just being walked in on by two other nude hikers I led the group like I agreed earlier to our new destination of the waterfall. The entire rest of the hike there was pretty un-eventful and like the two hikers said, we didn’t run into any more people.
When we got to the waterfall it was absolutely beautiful. I wanted to throw down my pack and jump right into the water, but because of another good tip Nana got, we climbed a bit of a rough patch of trail leading up the side of the falls to the top. A lovely little secluded area with a bit of a smaller swimming hole then the base, but still good enough for the amount of people we had. Best part though it was where we couldn’t possibly be snuck up on. So with that bit of security everyone stripped off, set their packs down and jumped in the icy water.
We all swam around a bit, but for me the water was colder than what I wanted to deal with at the moment. So it wasn’t long before I got out of the water and decided to lay on the large rock at the edge of the falls and bask in the sun. I laid there for probably the better part of an hour, soaking in the sun and drying off my skin, when I started to hear laughter from down the trail. I rolled over on the rock and poked my head over to see and could see 5 people coming around the corner to the base of the waterfall. I whispered back to everyone and told them what was up, and the group quieted down. Poking my head back over to watch the group that just came, I could see 2 guys and 3 girls, none in what looked like tremendously good shape. So I had hope that they wouldn’t try or think of making the rough climb up to here, and when I heard one of the guys shriek from the cold water I knew they wouldn’t. I still kept an eye on them though the rest of the time they were here. Which wasn’t too long, they were up and gone as soon as they finished eating their snacks, since the water was obviously too cold for them. I can’t help but laugh at the thought too, that a bunch of girls could skinny dip in this water and yet a guy couldn’t get in to his waist before he ran back out.
A little bit after they were gone, it was time for us to start heading back as well. Though we had a bit of a problem, we weren’t sure how. At least not how with the large pack on our backs, but it wasn’t long before Nana got an idea, and before telling us what it was she jumped from the rock I was laying on to the water below. She freaked everyone out in the process since no one knew if it was deep enough to jump in with out hurting yourself, but her head popped up in no time and she yelled up to us that we could lower the packs down with the rope in her bag, and she could guide them to shore. This worked out great since now we could safely climb down, but since we learned of this new way of getting down, no one really wanted to “climb” down. Instead everyone wanted to jump. First things first though we lowered all the packs down to Nana, than one by one we all jumped to the water below, than climbed back up to do it again :). And once we got tired of that we decided it was really time to head out. We headed back to the area we first camped at the night before, and slept there before finishing the hike back to the car, where I finally got some clothes back.

Want to dare me? Leave a comment or email me with your dare, and as long as it doesn't go over my limits i will perform it.
Limits- Photo's, obvious public, mess, pain, and gross
(gross is subject to my interpretation)
~current dares
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~Completed Dares to come
-skinny dipping at camp
-go to a mall and use the massage booth, while two friends control 2 remote vibes

-Bring a digital watch to time yourself with. Find a gym or a place with a big changing room. you might check for a local YWCA or YMCA. any nearby colleges are probably good too. enter the womens changing room and change into only a towel. Then, you have to stay there naked for 15 minutes with a small vibrator going in your pussy. You cannot cum, and you cannot take it out or turn it off unless you lose the towel. If you turn it off or remove it to cool off for a while, you must be naked while it is out.
you can spend the nude time in a shower (only if they are communal, if not, you must leave the door open).

Much love xoxo

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't belive they burned your clothes! Don't think that would happen with a group of guys. I've never tried naked hiking yet, but I have done naked camping solo: I don't really mind people seeing me naked in person, but I could do without the pictures on the internet. That said, I'm definitely more careful about how close to the trail I am now...